2015 – The Year Ahead


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this past year’s goal-setting exercise, it’s the importance of approaching goals gradually and consistently by making the work happen automatically. To that end, here are some of my goals for 2015 and the accompanying tasks I’ll have to keep up in order to keep myself in check.

Goal #1: Run a half marathon in under two hours.

System: Run at least 15 miles a week.

So far, I’m planning to run four half-marathons (DC, Seattle and LA Rock N Roll Half Marathons and the Maui Half Marathon) and several DC Area 5k Races. I haven’t fully committed and registered for any races just yet, but I’m looking to register as soon as I get paid later this week!

Goal #2: Have at least 3,000 unique page views in the last thirty days.

System: Draft two blog posts a week. Publish at least one post a week.

After thinking about ways to make blogging more of a consistent habit, I realized I needed to focus on writing about something that I’m truly passionate about. That was easy — travel! I wanted to do something different though, so rather focusing on blogging about my travels, I thought it’d be interesting to blog about exploring the DC through public transportation. You can check out that blog here: DC Metro Trip.

Goal #3: Create a web app for DC Metro Trip

System: Work through the Road to Code Guide. 20 hours per week.

I’ve really REALLY wanted to become more technical. However, I’ve found it absolutely difficult to try to focus on learning to code. This is going to be the year I finally commit and become a front end web developer!

Goal #4: Use my Mandarin Chinese more often.

System: Review my Mandarin Chinese at least 30 minutes a week.

This has been and on-again, off-again goal I’ve had since I graduated college. After studying abroad in both Shanghai and Taipei, as well as majoring in the language during college, I’d hate to think I’d completely lose my ability to use the language due to lack of use. So far, I’ve found a new website, Italki, that lets me connect with professional tutors and language partners to use my Mandarin. Hopefully, this will be just the thing to help me retain my Chinese!

Goal #5: Get my total remaining student loan debt to under $20k.

System: Pay a combined ~$667 per month to my student loans.

Pretty straightforward with this one!

Goal #6: Attend mass at least once a month

System: No associated tasks, other than just showing up!

Same with this one as well, pretty straightforward!


Wish me luck!!