Goal Review: 2013 Recap


Every year since 2011 I’ve taken a moment to look back on my goals for the past year and see if I was able to accomplish any of them. Here’s what my goals were for 2013:

  • Pass the HSK Level 5. Didn’t happen. Didn’t even pick up a Chinese book after the first couple days of January.

  • Get at least a 720 or higher on the GMAT. I registered to take the test back in March, then postponed it to June. I eventually lost interest and earlier this summer completely canceled taking the test.

  • Run a half-marathon. This happened! I ran my first half-marathon, the Navy-Air Force Half-Marathon, back in September. I’ve had this goal since 2010, so am really proud that I actually accomplished this goal!

  • Blog at least once a month. I started this earlier in the year, but this fell through as well.

  • Go to mass at least once a month. This happened!

  • Learn Python and R. I’ve picked up the basics, but still can’t figure out my way around without some online guidance.

  • Dive deeper into HTML/CSS/JS. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen as well.

Overall, things could’ve been better. I learned that, at least for me, not sharing goals until they’ve actually been accomplished is probably a much more powerful strategy to goal completion than sharing. Time to start rethinking how I approach how I achieve my goals.