Re-Branding OFOS


When I created this blog over four years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. Frankly, I was bored on a Saturday morning back in April 2011, and thought it’d be cool to start a blog.

I’ve had this blog for over four years now, and in that time, I’ve used this space primarily as a platform to share my thoughts on a variety of topics: everything from self-motivation, to marketing, to goal setting, to of course my favorite topic: travel. Since then, I’ve seen friends and countless others start blogs, then completely take their website offline just months later. Given that, I’m honestly quite surprised that I still keep this blog up and running, even after all these years of sporadic posting.

As I think about what I’d like to use OFOS for going forward, I’m hoping to be more purposeful with this blog. Rather than using it really as a public diary, my goal is to transform this little space on the interwebs that I call my blog to a resource for those looking to travel more, spend less, and still keep their full-time job.

I hope to do that by focusing on a few things where I can bring a unique perspective based on travel style, which can generally be defined as:

  • Traveling as a solo male, though more recently have started traveling with others
  • Preferring to travel 4-5 days at a time, rather than taking several weeks off
  • Travelling generally during the off-season whenever possible to avoid the crowds
  • Taking pictures, though not with any fancy camera; my iPhone6 will
  • Traveling frugally, though I’ll happily burn my miles and points to enjoy an amazing flight or hotel experience
A scene from my first ever solo travel experience: the rice terraces of Longsheng, Guangxi, China

A scene from my first ever solo travel experience: the rice terraces of Longsheng, Guangxi, China

I also realize that there are A TON of people in the DC area that love to travel, and so my goal is to also make this blog more DC-centric, such as by integrating my other website, DCMetroTrip into this blog, to provide more tips and ideas on how to travel more, even if it’s just a few stops away on the Metro.

Alright, so there you have it. I’m looking forward to refocusing this blog from just a jumbled up mess of thoughts into something more useful and relevant. Hope you’ll follow me along on my new(-ish) journey!