2016 EU Embassy Day – Where to Eat and Drink


Eat your way across Europe during EU Embassy Open House Day!

Feeling overwhelmed with which embassies to visit during this Saturday’s 2016 EU Embassy Open House Day?

Included on this list are countries whose websites have additional information on what they’re planning for this Saturday’s open house. I’ve listed below what you can expect to eat and drink at each embassy. Here’s what I found:

Austria – Bratwurst, Eggenberg Pils and Stiegl Radler will be served (bring cash). Wine tasting seminars available throughout the day for $12. 3 sessions available. RSVP on Eventbrite.

Belgium – Free Belgian chocolates and cookies. Belgian fries and waffles for sale.

Czech Republic – Food and music also available, no specifics mentioned on the website. Sports themed day.

Denmark – No specifics on food or drink, though you can get a free tour of the ambassador’s residence. Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis and are available at the embassy.

Finland – Free food, no specifics mentioned on the website. Fun fact: this is the greenest embassy in the US.

Germany and France – German Biergarten and French Cafe in the Ambassador Gardens. No specifics on whether food and drink are free. Like the Czech Republic, the Germany and France embassy day will be sports themed, specifically on soccer. Julian Buscher from DC United will also be at the event.

Greece – Food will be served, but no specifics mentioned on the website. Flavors of Greece, music, dance and special exhibition from the National Geographic Museum.

Hungary – Hungarian goulash, sausages, stew and other foods made by the embassy chef available. Froccs, a popular summertime drink, and Hungarian Brandy will also be served. Hungarian Viszla’s will also be at the embassy!

Italy – Neopolitan pizza, ice cream and espresso from Lavazza and desserts from Ferrrero. From what I recall, you had to pay for the pizza last year.

Netherlands – Poffertjes (dutch mini pancakes), stroopwafels and kaas (cheese) will be served, not sure if it’ll be for free.

Poland – Food available, though no specifics mentioned. Interestingly, the embassy this year will have a video game theme showcasing Poland’s budding video game industry scene.

Slovakia – Taste Slovak drinks and foods, no specifics mentioned.

Slovenia – Slovenian beer and wine, prekmurska gibanica (layered cake), Slovenian sausages, potica (walnut-roll cake).

Spain – Live paella cooking class and free tasting. Sangria, Spanish wine and beer, and food from participating restaurants.

London March 2016. The UK doesn't make my list of embassies to visit during the 2016 EU Embassy Day.

London March 2016. The UK doesn’t make my list of embassies to visit during the 2016 EU Embassy Day.

So where will I be attempting to hit up this Saturday? And why?
Belgium – for the Belgian waffles and chocolates
Hungary – for the goulash and stew
Slovenia – for the interesting sounding desserts
Spain – for the Sangria and other Spanish wines
Austria – for the wine tasting seminar

28 embassies, six hours, and endless lines of people! EU Embassy Day is truly a day when DC itself becomes an amusement park. You might not be able to skip the lines with a fast pass like at Disneyland, but with some planning, you’ll know where it’s worth waiting and where it’s worth skipping. Have a great EU Embassy Day!

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