2020 In Review


This past year has undoubtedly been unlike any other. Covid happened. Despite the pandemic, I’ve done so many things that I never considered doing. Here’s how my 2020 went:

I lived and traveled all over America. 

By far and away, I will look back on 2020 as the year when I lived and travelled across the country. I started the year thinking I’d finally get to discover a new city, but due to covid only spent about half the year in SF. For the rest of the year I road-tripped over 25k miles around the country.

I finished my first year at Patreon!

Due to the pandemic, I was only working out of the sf office for about 10 weeks! Those first two and a half months were great. Loved the views of the SF skyline from the office, and loved the free lunches even more! There’s a lot to be done in the new year, and am thankful that I have the opportunity to help continue working for the company. 

Posted on LinkedIn. Got certifications. 

Beginning in mid-July I began posting on LinkedIn with the goal of posting at least once a week. My intentions in doing this were primarily to join the conversation and perhaps start building a personal brand around marketing operations. Additionally, I sought out getting certifications with a number of platforms and related services including Google Analytics, Pendo, Workato and Demandbase. I also spent 6 weeks in a React.js class through the General Assembly, which was immensely helpful in understanding how the web works. 

Achieved my financial goals!

I maxed out all of my tax deferred accounts and started re-building my taxable brokerage account for the first time ever! Incredibly amazed that it’s only been about 15 months since I officially became debt free (September 2019), having paid off all my student loans and my car!

Looking Ahead – 2021 Goals

  • Finances: max out my tax-deferred accounts (401k and Roth), and continue contributing to my downpayment fund  
  • Fitness: Walk at least 10 miles a week; 50 push ups at once, hold a plank for 60+ seconds, 200 bodyweight squats at once
  • Travel: Visit Alaska. Visit one new country, covid permitting
  • Wine: Take the WSET Level 2 Exam. Enroll in WSET Level 3 Class
  • Chinese: Memorize all the words on HSK 4 Vocab and HSK 5 Vocab lists