Goal Reviews: Q1 ’13


Time certainly goes by fast when there’s so much going on! Let’s see how I’ve stacked up against my 2013 goals:

  • HSK: I haven’t cracked open any Chinese textbook so far this year.
  • GMAT: I bought some Manhattan GMAT prep books in January. Only completed the first of 10 prep books.
  • Half-marathon: I maintained a loosely defined schedule for the first two months, running at least twice a week, but stopped training. I’ve yet to sign up for a half-marathon this year.
  • Blog monthly: I failed to keep this one up too! Completely missed posting anything last month!
  • Attend mass monthly: So far so good!
So clearly I haven’t gotten around following through on my goals for the year so far. This, I believe, is in large part due to a couple new commitments that I never would’ve even though could happen just four months ago. Here’s what has been going on:
  • Freelancing for a social impact organization: Since February, I’ve been freelancing for a Philippine-based foundation, an opportunity I discovered through a contact via StartingBloc! As a Filipino, working with this organization is particularly meaningful for me. So far the experience has been one of growth, most specifically on figuring out how to manage client expectations.
  • Volunteering for YPFP: Since late January, I’ve been volunteering with YPFP, a DC-based non-profit that seeks to build the foreign policy leaders of the future through knowledge, skills, exposure and relationships. I’m a volunteer on their marketing team, where I’ve been able to use the skills I’ve learned at CEB and APCO to execute on a variety of recommendations. As this position is much more formal and professional in nature than the freelancing opportunity, so far this experience has been one that’s tested my time management skills, as well as figuring out how to coordinate and execute on cross-silo projects within a primarily virtual, volunteer-based organization.
Both these commitments, as well as increasingly more work and responsibilities at APCO, have tested and pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, which I am truly grateful for. Here’s to another productive and rewarding next three months!