Keeping it in Perspective


Happy Easter everyone! I’ve always celebrated Easter, but I’ve only grown to really appreciate this day of thanks since leaving Hawaii.

Keeping with this theme of thanks, a couple days a go, one of the blogs I follow published an interesting article on the concept of seeing the cup half full or half empty. For a long time, I was a complete victim to this syndrome. I think the reason for this probably stems back to my days in Hawaii, where I felt that if I didn’t do something great, there’d be no chance for me to leave for better opportunities on the mainland. There was a real sense of urgency to outperform. Certainly, that drive and ambition pushed me to over-achieve, but I’ve realized it’s also important to take a step back and truly appreciate what’s happening in the now, and what’s already been achieved.

This focus on the present is something that I’ve never been good at, though I’m trying.┬áThinking about life in terms of “what is” rather than “what isn’t” really makes living day-to-day that much more enjoyable, for me at least.