My Foundation


While catching up on some readings during this past week before bed, one topic really made me think: identifying our foundation. Consider everything in your life. What really matters the most? Put another way, what can you imagine living life without?

After giving it some thought, I’m still not quite sure what exactly is my foundation. Perhaps this is typical? What with this whole notion of a quarterlife-crisis, it’s certainly not uncommon that others my age might pause from time to time to question what we’re doing with our life. For me, other than God, my immediately family and grandparents, and my closest friends – I’m really not sure what else I TRULY need in life to be happy. More time to do more things would help. As would more money. But at the end of the day, I think my foundation – at least for now – is pretty basic. How About you all? What do you consider to be your foundation in life?