The “Real World” – One Year Later


I can’t believe its already June. 2011 is flying bye. It’s already been a year since I’ve graduated from college. Crazy. I’m amazed by how much I’ve grown in these last 12 months. The last 5 months were particularly a period of change. I’ve gotten involved in many activities of interest. Some I’ve stuck with, most I’ve not. This process of trying new things reminds me a lot like college life. In retrospect I wish I had been more involved while at college. Exposure to new activities, people and ideas fuels personal growth. After a year out of college, I’ve realized that variety is really the spice of life. Of course it’s important to have that foundation to rely on no matter what, but it’s really through the new encounters that life brings that really makes life worth living. I just hope that in the remaining months of this year – and really for the rest of my life – I don’t lose sight of this notion, and slip back into a humdrum routine.