MozCon 2014 – Day 3 Recap


Lots to digest over the next couple of days. Here’s what I took away from yesterday’s set of amazing speakers:

  • On Reporting: Be mindful of output versus outcomes. Internal or external clients lose sight of their true goals. It’s your responsibility to challenge the client, and give the client what they want, even if they might not explicitly state it.
  • On Content (Interactive/Data Visualization/Persuasive): Content is important, but context actually is king. Even non-technical marketers can and should create interactive content that’s persuasive and paints a compelling story that relates to the target audience.
  • On Experimentation: Marketing is all about experimentation. Come up with your hypothesis, figure out the controls, launch the experiment and repeat several times to assess the validity and consistency of the experiment’s outcomes.
The conference was definitely worth the $999 I paid as a moz pro subscriber. Looking forward to attending next year’s conference!