MozCon 2014 – Day 2 Recap


Here are my top takeaways from yesterday, Day 2 of MozCon 2014:

– On content marketing: create audience personas for your content, develop a process for content creation that’s scalable (e.g., whiteboard Fridays)
– On web analytics: use google analytics to start tracking actions that meaningfully capture the user experience, such as opening an article, scrolling down the article, adding an item to a shopping cart, etc.
– On social media: design videos specifically for Youtube; use Google+ to quickly increase your brand’s authority. Both actions will positively affect your brand’s SERP.
– On PPC: PLAs generally perform better (as defined by CTR) than text-only adwords campaigns. Don’t bother with Bing Ads.
– On failure: fail fast; if you fail, define a period of time to self-reflect, and then move forward.