MozCon 2014 – Day 1 Recap


I’m currently at my very first marketing conference: MozCon!! Here are my top three takeaways from yesterday’s speakers, from the perspective of a (fairly new) digital marketer:

– On delivering an unforgettable customer experience: keep your promises to your customer first, then make more.

– On building addictive and sustainable communities: create shared experiences that make members vulnerable to one another.

– On a/b testing: make sure to run an experiment multiple times to double check the result is valid and not statistically significant, and make sure your sample size is large enough to see a minimum detectable effect (MDE).

Michael King also had a phenomenal session at the end of the day on back-hacking your way to creating a lead profile for every visitor. Sign up for his new SaaS product, Quantum Lead. It’s free!