A New Adventure!


Hi all! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Jason, a twenty-something DC transplant that’s been in the area for nearly five years. Like many of us, I arrived here car-less, and rely pretty much on the metro, uber/lyft or a friend to get around.

For much of my time here, as someone with a passion for adventure and travel, I’ve felt like my lack of a car limited my ability to truly experience what the DC area has to offer. Not to mention the more practical aspects of having a car, like being able to go to the grocery store and buying things in bulk as opposed to carrying them back to my apartment in the dead of winter (or worse, the heat of the summer!)

The truth is though, it’s totally possible to not only work around these “problems,” but also thrive and live a life of adventure and exploration in the DC area — without a car.

Discovering DC via Metro

All told, there are 91 metro stations and over 300 bus routes spread across DC, Maryland and Virginia. I’m betting that most of you already living in the area only get off at a handful of these stops, and haven’t bothered venturing out beyond your most familiar stops.

DC Metro Map. Source: wamu.org

I’m writing this blog for three reasons:

  • to help newcomers to DC discover their new city
  • to help people discover a different part of the city they’re not familiar with
  • to document my travels around the region

Through this blog, I hope to post about what there is to see and do around the city via public transportation. Where I go though, is entirely up to you. Let me know in the comments below on where you’d like me to go!

Over time, I hope this blog will become a resource for you all. Come join me in my journey to explore DC, one metro stop and bus route at a time!