One Day in Quebec City


One of the great things about traveling solo and renting a car is the flexibility it affords you with making travel decisions on the fly. When I visited Montreal over Labor Day, I didn’t have any plans to head up to Quebec City. Curiosity, of course, got the better of me, and I decided to make the 250 km drive to check out the epicenter of French Culture in North America: Quebec City. Here’s how I spent a Sunday afternoon in the city:

#1: Observed the stunning architecture

Provincial Government Building.

Quebec Provincial BuildingThe Fairmont Hotel Frontenac, an icon of the city of Quebec, renowned for its architecture. 

Hotel Frontenac

#2: Wandered around the streets of Old Town

View of the Saint Lawrence River from the Hotel Frontenac

View of St. Lawrence River #2

The funicular connecting Haute Ville and Basse Ville
Streetscape in Quebec City

Street Scene #3

#3: Discovered Quebec City’s Art Scene

Murals abound in Quebec City. This one was simply stunning.

Mural #2 Mural #1#4: Learned about the history of French Canada and Quebecois identity

The Musee de la Civilization has an interesting exhibit on the first floor regarding the history of French Canada and Quebecois identity.
Musee de la Civilisation

#5: Caught an impromptu street performance

Quebec City is also known for it’s street performers. A large crowd had gathered around this group.

Street Performance in Quebec City



Have you visited Quebec City? Any suggestions on what I should check out next time I’m in the city? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!